Monday, November 15, 2010

"Hey, you're the tallest, get down low!"

Matt, Meli, Amanda, Joe and I are chomping down on Chinese food and watching Dexter, our weekly Monday night routine, and I'm not to preoccupied with my 9:00pm basketball game to start in an hour. I figure, hey why not, more cho mein and maybe a little more Pepsi, too, my game is going to be pretty low-key.

How wrong I was! Here I was thinking I had signed up for a casual Christmas-season basketball tournament in my town, and little did I know: Guatemalan's (or, Tejutlans) are SERIOUS about their basketball! Gaggles of people gather every night for nearly the entire two months of November and December to watch men and women's basketball teams duke it out.

My heart started racing as I entered the court, screams, whistles and cheers eminating out of the "cancha." My host-brother runs over to me, grabs me impatiently and hauls me over to my team mates who are deep into game-plan talk. They hand me a uniform and hastily size me up, "Alright canchita, you're to tallest, play some defense." All the women on my team are roughly a head shorter than me, all looking up to me as I talk. It's still is, and I imagine will continue to be, a strange experience to be looked up to.

I played basketball as a kid, but never down on the post. So it was a little new to me, but it was tons of fun. We lost, but had a great time over all. Joe's host family, Joe, and my host family were all there to watch. I think they were expecting me to play better, but with practice, I will :)

I'm really looking forward to this tournament, and will keep you all posted on our progress!

Un fuerte abrazo y besitos,

Listening to: "These Foolish Things," by Billie Holiday

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